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brasser votre propre bière   brasser  bier-op-maat
brasser votre propre bière   brasser  bier-op-maat
brasser votre propre bière   brasser  bier-op-maat
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Gino Vantieghem - Brew Master


With a long and passionate carreer in the brewing of the frotty stuff...


Gino started his brewing carreer with an internship at Brouwerij

Riva in Dentergem right after his studies at the University of Leuven

(BioEngineer ).


As brewmaster at Unibroue in Quebec he created a wide range of

hugely successful beers. Gino was one of only two Belgian brewers

who helped to jumpstart the Craftbeer movement in the US and Canada

in the early 1990's. (the other one being legendary brewer white beer

brewer Pierre Celis (Hoegaarden, Celis White).


After the takeover of Unibroue by Sleemans Breweries Gino returned

to Belgium where he rekindled the now defunct Riva brewery and turned

it into Liefmans Breweries. By the age of 37 he received the prestigious

Master of the Barley Lifetime Achievement Award out of the hands of

Legendary beerwriter Michael 'the beerhunter' Jackson (not sure about

his moonwalking skills though).


Gino until today remains the most awarded Belgian Brewer in the

World Beer Championships with the most different (types of) beers.


Gino our Master Wizard has created many award winning beers and

he will do so again for De Feniks !


Jasper Candaele - Yeast Whisperer


Jasper is a very talented BioEngineer and Brewer. Having studied in

Gent and having worked at Flemish Institure for BioTechnology VIB

he has a keen knowledge of brewing technology.


An accomplished brewer in his own right he was the creator of our

Jazz' Black Oatmeal Delight stout. Next to doing most of the

operational work in the brewery (hard labour) he helps to fine tune

our recipes.



Kurt Decoene - Barrel Master & Apprentice wizard euh....


Beer, wine & Single Malt Whisk(e)y drinker with a long and passionate

carreer in drinking the stuff. It's the only thing he's good at really.

Well that and a modest talent in Problem Solving, a talent honed by a

quarter century of fixing computer problems and project management.

Currently Kurt still works 4/5 at a multinational company as a Regulatory

IT Specialist.


Kurt and his wife Angela (Wang) have almost a decade of experience

doing business in and with China.


Kurt loves good food and drink. A course of Artisanal brewing was

a good start. It not only was a great way to learn more about brewing

beer but also introduced him to a number of other people who are

passionate about beer and brewing.




Angela Wang - Queen of Ales


A force of nature with an established career (18 years) in management,

TV, purchasing and sales both in China and in Europe. Angela

studied International Business Management at VIVES.


She speaks Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese & Hunan), English, Dutch

and basic French. She has a background in Classic Chinese Dance and

is a prominent member of the Chinese community in Belgium and she

is also actively involved in numerous Cultural events.


Angela increasingly helps to develop additional business for De Feniks

both in the domestic market as abroad.





(Horace: 4 Odes, xii. 28.)


"It is delightful to play the fool occasionally"

craftbeer streekbier speciaalbier



Neh... traditie is niet slecht, het is zelfs een echt goed iets.


Maar wij @ De Feniks geloven dat biercultuur een levend iets is en dat het noodzakelijk is om nieuwe en uitdagende dingen te proberen !


Je moet de regels kennen voor je ze kan (mag) breken, maar we zijn vastbesloten ze ook echt te breken...




Waarin zijn wij anders ?

We willen bieren brouwen waarvan we houden, bier waarvan andere mensen kunnen houden. Bier-op-maat voor mensen die een eigen bier willen laten brouwen.


En daarnaast willen we nieuwe dingen doen die niemand ooit heeft geprobeerd in de voorhoede van brouwen in de 21ste eeuw.











De beste ingrediëneten, gebruikt op traditionele, en misschien niet zo traditionele manieren om nieuwe, opwindende en verrassende smaken te creëren..


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